• Counseling Program Mission:

    The mission of the High Plains Counseling Program is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program guided by the ASCA National Model that is centered around an engaging STEAM curriculum. The Counseling Program is dedicated to making every student feel heard, valued, and safe. In partnership with teachers, administration, parents, guardians, and the Loveland community, the school counselor will empower all students to be successful lifelong learners engaged in real world and community issues.


    About Counseling:

    The school counselor is available daily to meet with students, parents, and teachers, and may provide counseling services on an individual and group basis, as well as conduct lessons in the classroom. Students are encouraged to meet with the counselor for general support, conflict resolution, decision making, goal setting, resources, etc. Parents/guardians can schedule an appointment with the counselor as needed.

    The counseling relationship is confidential except in cases of child abuse and neglect, elder abuse and neglect, and harm to self and/or others. Students are encouraged to communicate their needs with parents/guardians, and the counselor will work to establish a collaborative relationship with parents/guardians to best meet student needs.


    Counseling Informed Consent:

    Please complete the Counseling Consent form below and return it to the main office. This form must be completed each academic school year for individual counseling beyond two sessions.

     Counseling Consent Form