• Students can attend a year-long course at Front Range Community College specifically for high school students, while also attending High School, many courses offer certification upon completion. 
    • Application process- due mid-February
    • Be in good standing at your High School
    • Take Accuplacer test
    • $50-100 fees for the year
    • Transportation to FRCC Campus provided from the Students High School at no cost.
    • Students will complete or be partway through a certificate program.
    • Low cost option.
    • Great way to explore a career option- hands on.
    • Limits chances for other courses when scheduling.
    • Credits generally do not transfer to a 4-year degree. 
    • There is a limited number of seats available.
    More Information:
    Front Range Community College Options
    Aims Community College Options 
    For more information and paperwork deadlines, please see your high school counselor.

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