• Middle School Summer Skills

    For students exiting 6th - 8th grade

    Project-Based Experiences:
    For students exiting 6th through 8th grade seeking additional opportunities to develop math and literacy skills. They will be able to participate in project-based experiences that have integrated literacy and math skills in a variety of content areas.

    Registration is live! For information regarding the Middle School Summer Skills program, please contact Venessa Foster at Venessa.Foster@thompsonschools.org.

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    High School Options

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    utilizing PLATO curriculum for students who failed a required class needed for graduation. Click above to review the list of available classes.

    utilizing PLATO curriculum for students who wish to take a class during the summer to free up their schedule for fall classes. Click above to review the list of available classes. 

    DO YOU NEED TO COMPLETE MORE THAN ONE CLASS? - If the student needs to complete more than one class during the Summer Program, they cannot start the second class until the first class is completed. However, you can register for multiple session times during the day to allow enough time to complete both classes. Once the class(es) are complete, the student no longer needs to attend. No credit or refund will be given for any incomplete classes.

    POTENTIAL DIVISION I or II NCAA ATHLETES - Athletes must meet eligibility requirements for CHSAA. It is the responsibility of the student to verify NCAA requirements and to maintain documentation. Get Ahead Credit and Summer Credit Recovery is NOT available for NCAA eligible athletes. 

    All classes will be held in the computer labs at Ferguson High School, 1101 Hilltop Dr. Loveland, CO 80537. NOTE: Single point entry for High School Summer School will be the South Side through the GYM doors ONLY.


    Registration is live! For information regarding High School Summer School options, please contact Venessa Foster at Venessa.Foster@thompsonschools.org or Coleen Lyman at Coleen.Lyman@thompsonschools.org.

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