• STEMS Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade

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    Did you know that math can be used to create amazing art? Come learn & explore how straight lines can create curves & become beautiful designs. In GeoArt class we will experiment & analyze how simple lines create curved designs. Final projects will use the information learned to create unique designs to be turned into amazing string art, all based on mathematical concepts!
    Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $95
    Chemistry That Matters
    Pop, Pow, Whoosh! This hands on, lab based unit will give you new insights into the basic chemistry of matter. Learning through discovery is one of the best ways to encourage students to think critically and learn generously. Loads of experiments and demonstrations! Make slime, calculate density, identify unknowns and separate substances. What matters to us, matters to everyone.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Can Helium Balloons Really Lift a Child?
    Students will explore various problem solving and critical thinking skills, and then be given the opportunity to apply them by solving their choice of challenge in an innovative, original fashion. questions such as "Do pirate eye patches improve night vision?" "Can helium balloons really lift a child into the sky?" …and many more. Come see if you've got what it takes to be a MythBuster!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Robotics Camp for Middle School - Vex and Arduino Based Robotics
    Students will be working on advanced Vex and Arduino based Robotics which will include projects involving wireless and autonomous game play robots. Students will be working in small teams on designing, building and programming Vex and/or Arduino based vehicles. Mentors will be available to help and guide the team throughout the week preparing them for the end of the week competition on Friday afternoon. Students may choose to attend both weeks with a focus on learning about a different platform (Vex or Arduino) in the second week. Snacks will be provided by the class but lunch will need to be brought by the student.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-3pm $185
    3D Printing and Design
    We will use online design tools to learn the basics of 3D printing. Learn how the systems work, how to think in the 3rd dimension, figure out how shapes and tools and work together to create complicated designs and figures. We will put this all to use in designing, creating, and printing an object of your own. They can be decorative, useful, or just plain cool!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85

    Up, Up and Away
    Are you ready to learn how to make rockets fly using only water and air? This class will challenge the most creative and critical thinkers to problem solve as they make Hydro Rockets that soar hundreds of feet into the sky. We will build rockets from scratch, using common odds and ends from the garage. It's all fun and building until we introduce......The Egg-stronaut! Now we are talking some SERIOUS fun!
    Session I: June 5-9 9am-12pm $85