• STEMS Fourth and Fifth Grade

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    Wild and Wacky Weather
    Become a meteorologist! Come join me to learn about the weather! We will conduct experiments to determine weather variables and make weather predictions. We'll explore storm patterns and weather related natural disasters. Come join me, rain or shine!
    Session I: June 5-9 9am-12pm $85
    Space Cases
    Let's explore space science and important figures that shaped modern astronomy. We'll look both forward and backward to see where we came from and where we are going in the future and analyze very large and very small structures of the cosmos and how they relate to each other, and ourselves.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Mythbusters: Confirm or Bust
    Myth or Fact? This is your opportunity to bust or confirm the most mind-boggling myths and urban legends of our time. We will be following the scientific method to investigate questions such as "Do pirate eye patches improve night vision?" "Can helium balloons really lift a child into the sky?" …and many more. Come see if you've got what it takes to be a MythBuster?
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $95
    Robotics Technotics
    Enter the world of engineering with robotics, using Lego Mindstorms software and equipment. Students will experience the engineering cycle as they design, program, and test their robots in order to accomplish specific challenges. This is a chance to explore mathematics and technology in an atmosphere of teamwork and friendly competition.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $100
    Robotics Camp for Elementary School - Intro to Vex Robotics
    Students will be working in small teams to learn about the Vex Robotics system. They will be building, programming and driving their robots through a variety of different games and competitions with the guidance of a mentor. At the end of the week on Friday afternoon, these robots will compete in a competition that will showcase the work that students have done. Students may also repeat the class the next week with the focus being on some advanced Vex operations and games that the Level 3 class will be working on. Snacks will be provided by the class but lunch will need to be brought by the student.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-3pm $185
    Lego Derby
    Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your ... LEGOs. We will explore, design, create and re-design various LEGO based vehicles; like cars, boats, planes and more then we'll race them to see which design ideas work the best.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Fun with Architecture and Design
    Have fun creating a floor plan for your dream house and constructing it into a three dimensional model using a variety of art supplies and materials. Let your imagination run wild to create like an architect or interior designer! Learn how to calculate the perimeter and area of your house and transfer your two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional form.
    10 Day Class: Spans June 5-June16 9am-12pm $170