• STEMS Kindergarten and First Grade

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    Your Bones Are Showing
    Your bones are showing! That's right. Come discover the amazing and sometimes weird ways your organs and bones sustain your body as you grow and develop into the awesome and confident kiddo you want to be. Learn the basic organs, their functions and ways to responsibly keep your body healthy while marveling at the way everything works together. Be prepared to create a life-size visual to take home!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Four Seasons of Fun!
    Join us on a journey through the four seasons. Discover why the seasons happen and how plants and animals change and adapt during the seasons. We will explore the pumpkin patch and the beautiful leaves of fall. Play with "snow" as we learn about snowflakes and animals during winter. Raindrops will fall as we talk about the farm in spring. Last, we will enjoy the sunny days of summer by learning about the beach. This adventure will be a mixture of fun stories, science experiments, art projects and lots of hands on fun.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Toy Making in the Art Studio
    Come join us in this exciting and unique art class where we will be artists, inventors, designers and scientists! This visual arts-based class will focus on creating toys that are both artistic and incorporate science, technology, engineering or math concepts. Students will exercise their imaginations and creativity as they create toys, work cooperatively to solve STEAM challenges like building boats or bridges, and create artwork using a variety of materials and processes.
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $95
    HELP! Our Hero Will Sink if You Don't Save Him!!
    Save our hero from sinking into acid and certain death! We will ask questions and discover various objects that sink or float. Explore what components of those objects make them float or sink. We will ask questions, discover and determine the factors of how buoyancy works. Your child will plan and design their own device for their hero (action figure) to survive the acid (colored water). Dunn.....Dunn.......DUNNNNNNN (dramatic music)!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Dive Into Spanish
    Want to learn some Spanish? Register for this Spanish immersion week where you will participate in conversations, singing cultural songs, learning new dances from Spanish-speaking countries, making cultural artworks, reading stories and participating in little skits in Spanish. You will even do some math and science in Spanish.
    Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85
    Magnets, Lasers, and Other Scientific Stuff
    Are you a scientist who likes to tinker to figure things out? Just how do lasers work? What happens when you shine a laser through water? How do electrical circuits work? Can you actually make a magnet dance? Students will conduct experiments to determine how lasers, magnets, electricity and chemistry work.
    Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $95
    It's All About the Bugs
    What do you want to know about the creepy-crawlies in your backyard? Have you ever wondered why spiders don t stick to their own webs or if bees really do die after they sting you? Can worms see? How do water-skippers walk on water? We'll have fun answering these and other buggy questions while building our own worm farms, butterfly houses and soda bottle ant farms. Bring your curiosity and sense of fun for this exciting look into the world of our tiny backyard friends!
    Session I: June 5-9 repeats Session II: June 12-16 9am-12pm $85