Skilled Trades & Technical Sciences

  • Careers include:Skilled Trades
    • Architecture and Construction
    • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
    • Manufacturing Production and Repair
    • Transportation
    • Transportation Operations


    Invention and Design (TVHS)Technical Drawing (MVHS, TVHS)
    Architectural Drawing (TVHS)
    Construction 1 (BHS, MVHS, TVHS)
    Construction 2 (BHS, MVHS, TVHS)
    Geometry in Construction (LHS)
    Project Design Team (LHS, TVHS)
    Manufacturing 1 (LHS, MVHS, TVHS)
    Manufacturing 2 (LHS, MVHS, TVHS)
    Safety for Welders (LHS, MVHS, TVHS)
    Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding (TVHS)
    Basic Shielded Metal Arc I (TVHS)Robotics (BHS, LHS)Robotics Leadership (LHS)
    Algebra 1 in Materials, Products, Energy, and Design (AMPED) (LHS, MVHS, TVHS)
    Invention and Design (TVHS)
    Transportation 1 (TVHS)
    Transportation 2 (TVHS)

    Automotive Technology and Service (FRCC)
    Architectural, Landscape and Interior Design (FRCC)
    Welding and Metal Fabrication (FRCC)

    Red classes denotes college credit available
    Green denotes FRCC Career Pathways year-long program

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