• Rise Inside

    What do you think about when I mention a used car salesman or politician? Whether you have bought a used car or not, or shaken the hand of your political representatives, you have a pretty clear idea of what you would expect if the situation presented itself.

    What comes to mind when I mention a leader; in particular, a student leader?  Perhaps you envision the school’s Queen Bee, star athlete, or President of the Student Council?  What about your child? Does your child fit the mold of the bold leader holding the proverbial megaphone?

    What if your child’s style or personality doesn’t match that stereotype?  Is she any less a leader?  Can different comunication and leadership styles be as effective, if not more so, than the leader with a bullhorn?

    Rise Inside is a leadership series designed for students that may or may not fit the traditional leadership mold but have the drive and vision to be change agents in their lives.  Learn more here.

    Michelle Stout                                       Rebecca Knighton 

    Gifted & Talented Parent Liaison         Gifted & Talented Teacher - Bill Reed Middle School

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