• C.A.P.S. Program (Child Assault Protective Skills)

    A 5-unit instructional program designed to teach elementary school children, in a very positive way, skills that will help keep them safe from personally harmful situations.  The curriculum emphasizes child abuse and assault prevention and victim services and referrals.


    Lisa Smith

    C.A.P.S. (Child Assault Protective Skills) facilitator


    Phone: 970-613-5016
    Duties and Responsibilities:

    To provide education in the CAPS curriculum to the 2nd and 4th grades in the TSD.  Four one hour lessons are taught in each classroom....all of them dealing with safety.    Day 1 is general safety, Day 2 is safety with strangers, Day 3 is keeping your body safe (physical and sexual abuse prevention), and Day 4 is Bullying Prevention.  The program is not mandatory for the schools and parents are able to “opt” their children out of it.