Department Staff Directory

  • Below are personnel in the Facilities building. Visit the Directory Search page for a more complete list of personnel in the department.

    The mailing addresses for the Support Services Center and District Office are listed below.

    Support Services Center
    2890 N. Monroe
    Loveland CO 80538
    Phone: 970-613-5158
    Fax: 970-613-5137

    Thompson School District Administration Office
    800 South Taft Avenue
    Loveland CO 80537
    Phone: 970-613-5000
    Fax: 970-613-5095

    Innovative Technology Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Executive Director Dr. Matt Kuhn 613-5138
    Secretary Vicki Gillis 613-5158
    Client Services Manager Andy Larkins 613-5163
    Infrastructure Manager Lonnie Mason 613-5165
    Help Desk Help Desk 613-7777

    Media Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Library Services Coordinator Jo Conlon 613-5169
    Library Services Assistant Tina Nierman 613-5198

    Nutrition Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Director Lisa Kendall 613-5148
    Assistant Director/Meals Benefits Julie Winters 613-5117
    Secretary Nancy Desrocher 613-5146
    Production Chef Sarah Tomsic 613-5147
    Coordinator/Dietician Kimberly Scheffer 613-5143
    Coordinator Jessica Naill 613-5145
    Account Tech Liz Simon 613-5144
    Wellness Coordinator Kathy Schlepp 613-5127

    Science Resource Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Science Resource Technician Kristen Metzger 613-5133