• Advisory

    All Conrad Ball Middle School students are enrolled in a daily Advisory period. Students and teachers will use this time to support the Next Gen initiatives and build connections in a non-academic setting.
    Students will have time to set and monitor SMART goals, manage their Schoology digital portfolio, practice time management skills and continue working on their ICAP and Naviance profiles.
    The Student Services team will also use the Advisory period to support students in specific ways, such as the 9 Months to 9th Grade program, registration and other support programs. 

    What Advisory is:

    • Adults constantly engaging with all students
    • A place to transfer ownership of learning to students
    • An opportunity to encourage students to set and achieve goals
    • A chance to empower students to reflect on their progress 

    What Advisory is not:

    • A time to check emails
    • A place to make up missing assignments or catch up on work
    • An opportunity to grade papers or plan lessons
    • A chance to do homework, SSR or free choice time