• Competency-Based


    English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies & Electives
    • Students acquire math, reading, writing skills and enough knowledge to make sense of new ideas and information
    • Students reason, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and use their knowledge to solve problems
    • These outcomes correspond to a student’s mind as these skill sets represent the basic analytic and intellectual powerhouse

    Professional (Accountability & Grit)

    Time management, collaboration & life-long learning
    • Students learn to organize their own work to manage time and projects effectively
    • Students independently apply their knowledge and skills to novel situations
    • Students learn to value others’ ideas and collaborate to improve the quality of work
    • These outcomes correspond to a student’s hands as these are many of the skills that a student will need to put his or her knowledge to practical use in professional environments 

    Personal (Self-Awareness & Self-Control)

    Decision-making that plays to individual strengths
    • Students develop self- awareness of their interests and passions- and their strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities
    • Students learn how to initiate collaboration and advocate for support when they don’t have the skills or knowledge to solve the problem
    • Students see how future career paths align with strengths and weaknesses
    • These outcomes correspond to a student’s heart, as the students gets to know his or her core, passions, and inspirations

    Entrepreneurial (Critical Thinking, Curiosity & Inquisitiveness)

    Risk management, connections & learning from failure
    • Students develop creative and divergent thinking skills
    • Student build strong networks of people they can work with, support, and reach out to
    • Students learn to manage risk and to learn, grow, and adapt in response to failure
    • These outcomes correspond to a student’s gut as it develops a student’s skills to persevere in the face of adversity and to adjust his or her approach to take full advantage of a situation 

    Civic (Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Awareness)

    Contributing to the workforce and our communities
    • Students develop a drive to contribute to their local and global communities and economies
    • Students develop a desire to make the most of their unique potential as members of the workforce and community
    • These outcomes correspond to a student’s feet as they are what propel a student forward to make good use of the other competencies they have developed