Department Staff Directory

  • Below are contacts for departments in the district Administration building. Visit the Directory Search page for a more complete list of personnel in each department.

    The district's official mailing address for all department & program correspondence is listed below.

    Thompson School District Administration Office
    800 South Taft Avenue
    Loveland CO 80537
    Phone: 970-613-5000

    Superintendent of Schools

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Superintendent Dr. Marc Schaffer 613-5013
    Executive Assistant Superintendent/BOE Wendy Kryah 613-5013

    Business Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Chief Financial Officer Gordon Jones 613-5777
    Executive Administrative Assistant Tami Ripley 613-5051
    Director of Finance Rusty Williams 613-5039
    Grants/Payroll Manager Brenda McKee 613-5045

    Communication & Community Resources

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Public Information Officer Mike Hausmann 613-5011
    Secretary Janet Trujillo 613-5015
    Volunteer Program Lisa Wegener 613-5072

    Early Childhood

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Administrator Lamb Caro 613-5031
    Department Secretary Sharon Johnson 613-5761
    School Secretary Diana Osgood 613-5052
    Child Find/Disabilities Coordinator Trish Hoffman 613-5762
    CPP Coordinator Mary Buirgy 613-5656
    Education Coordinator Amy Gerhard 613-5078
    Partnership Coordinator
    Julie Lindsay 613-5053
    Mental Health Coordinator Mary Bowman 613-6179
    Nurse/Health Coordinator Christiana Shorten 613-5063
    Social Worker Susan Bartlett 613-5763

    Exceptional Student Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Executive Director Charlie Carter 613-5092
    Executive Administrative Assistant Sammi Burchfield 613-5026
    ESS Coordinator Kristi Briles 613-5787
    ESS Coordinator Jason Hanford 613-6071
    ESS Coordinator Bob Jantzen 613-5066
    ESS Coordinator Jodie Rommell 613-6881
    ESS Coordinator Jenny Clark 613-7576

    Human Resources

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Chief Human Resource Officer Dr. Bill Siebers 613-5012
    Human Resource Director Tom Texeira 613-5009
    Executive Administrative Assistant Lisa Foxworth 613-5008
    Benefits/Risk Manager Dorothy Barnhart 613-5006
    Insurance Benefits Specialist Anne Hinkle 613-5004
    Substitute Technician Dana Medich 613-5005

    Learning Services

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Chief Academic Officer Dawne Huckaby 613-5059
    Executive Administrative Assistant Laura Copeland 613-6785
    Assessment & Accountability Director Chastity Stringer 613-6173
    Elementary Education Director AnneMarie Sanchez 613-5025
    Elementary Education Director Sara Rasmussen 613-5070
    Learning Services Technician Sierra Solano 613-5054
    Secondary Education Director Theo Robison 613-6175
    Elementary & Secondary Education Secretary TBD 613-5032
    Athletics & Activities Coordinator Deb Huffsmith 613-5030
    Homeless Liaison Jana Ramchander 613-6787
    On-line Registration Secretary Anne Brunton 613-6877

    Materials & Procurement

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Materials & Procurement Manager Mike Paradise 613-6888
    Buyer Alta Herndon 613-6874
    Buyer Kim Myers 613-6875
    Assistant Buyer Janine Waldrep 613-6876


    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Chief Operations Officer Todd Piccone 613-5050
    Executive Administrative Assistant Tara Cornett 613-6580


    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Planning Manager Skip Armatoski 613-5017
    Safe Routes to School Coordinator/
    Planning Technician
    Mechelle Martz-Mayfield 613-5768

    Safety & Security

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Dispatch   613-5010
    Safety & Security Manager Joe Vodjansky 613-5035
    Day Dispatcher Jennifer Kingston 613-6879
    Night Dispatcher Joel Potter 613-5010

    Thompson Education Foundation

    Title Name 970 area code Email
    Executive Director
    Thompson Education Foundation
    Kim Akeley-Charron 613-5067
    Secretary Debbie Wright 613-5071