2012-2013 Budget Matters

  • This section of the district website provides financial information to staff, community members and other interested parties with a particular focus on the district's General Fund Budget. Included is an overview of the current year's budget development process, a listing of current Budget Proposal Team members, and other information that may be of interest in relation to the district's budget development process that will determine the General Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.


    Glossary of terms

    New for this year is a simplified budget presentation format designed to enhance transparency and comprehension for readers. The new format organizes all General Fund expenditures or transfers by Colorado Department of Education (CDE) program codes, which help the reader to understand the nature of the expenditures. Excerpts from the CDE Chart of Accounts, required reporting format for all Colorado School districts, are included on this Web page to assist readers who desire a brief overview of the Program codes in question.

    Exhibit 1 and Exhibit 1 with detail show district General Fund budget expenditures presented in these CDE defined categories. This summary format provides an insightful top level overview of the district's spending. Additionally, this format establishes the budget categories the district will use for this development process, going forward in a manner consistent with other school districts across the state. The revised format defines our new budget language.


    The expenditures presented through the CDE Program categories lens are also organized into groups that provide additional information about how and for what these monies are spent.

    Exhibit 2 and Exhibit 2 with detail show expenditures for staff positions by three employee groups (licensed, classified & Administrative/Professional/Technical). The remaining expenditures are grouped in the Non-FTE category. Each of the four categories is then supported by detailed documents organized again by the CDE Program categories.

    Exhibit 3 and Exhibit 3 with detail utilize the same Figure 2 format but provides additional detail.


    For those interested, Exhibits 4 through 8 provide an even deeper level of detail.

    Exhibit 4 and Exhibit 4 with detail list all Non-FTE budget expenditures presented in a format intended to maximize transparency. Each line item provides a concise description of the budget's purpose. The fund, division, and department affiliation can lend further insight as to those monies intended use.

    Exhibit 5 is nearly identical to Exhibit 4 except that horizontal fund information is replaced by CDE Object level information to provide even further detail for each item.Deeper staffing detail can be found in Figures 6, 7, & 8. Each of these schedules "roll-up" by the same CDE Program categories through the lens of each employee group's staffing schedule.

    Exhibit 6 depicts Licensed FTE allocations.

    Exhibit 7 shows Classified FTE allocations.

    Exhibit 8 shows FTE for Administrative, Professional and Technical job classifications.


    These are challenging financial times for Colorado K-12 education. Difficult choices loom ahead at the state and local level. The district is committed to keeping our community aware of these challenges, and knowledgeable as to their implications. As significant new information is available, an update will be provided.