District facilities are made available by the Board of Education for community use after regular school day hours, when they are not required for after-hour instructional or other school purposes, and when they are not reserved in anticipation of such purposes. The facilities services department provides technical assistance and works with building principals and staff to facilitate the administration of these policies and regulations. The building principals and the facilities services director are responsible for the administration of this policy and regulations as they relate to facility use at their respective sites.


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    Procedure Overview
    District facilities are available for community use within the above-stated parameters. Individuals, organizations, and/or groups wishing to use district facilities shall complete a request for community use of school facilities form. The request and the guide to community school rental may be secured at any school office, at the facilities services department (255 South Cleveland, Loveland), or at the district administration building (800 South Taft Avenue, Loveland). The completed request for community use of school facilities form, application fees, and current and adequate proof of insurance must be completed at least two weeks prior to the date of the event being requested. All fees for single day usage and multiple-day usage must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. When a request is approved, the activity will be added to the building master calendar and an approved request for community use of school facilities will be sent to the applicant via email, and distributed to appropriate school district personnel.

    Use During District Break Periods
    All individuals (including district employees) and/or groups applying for the use of a school or facility during the summer break (all sites are closed during winter break) may obtain a request for community use of school facilities form from the office of facilities services or on the district website. Summer use will be limited to schools where summer programs are already being held. Principals will be responsible for informing the facility use coordinator of the date and time of all building activities and the rooms reserved prior to leaving for the summer. Special circumstances for summer use may arise and be approved by the building principal and the facilities services director and/or the assistant superintendent of human resources and school support. The above individuals will contact the facility use coordinator to arrange for building coverage. No schools will be rented during the month of July. Events during winter break, spring break and other district-designated down time will be booked at the discretion of the building principal, with the approval of the facilities services director and/or the assistant superintendent of human resources and school support.

    Athletic Fields/Tennis Courts
    Requests for community use of school facilities for use of ANY district field, at any time, must be made through the facility use coordinator at (970) 613-5351 (255 South Cleveland, Loveland). These requests will not be accepted at individual sites. It is recommended that district field use requests be made one month or more in advance of event(s) date(s). Use of the fields is to be consistent with generally accepted use of the particular area and for which it was designed. District fields will be closed to community groups January through March to maintain optimal spring field conditions.
    NOTE: Ray Patterson field has special rental costs associated with its use. Any Patterson field rental will be handled through the athletic director’s office at the administration building.

    Applications for the use of all aquatic facilities will be made with the aquatics facilities manager.

    Arrangements for the use of any district kitchen should be made at the school with the respective kitchen manager. Kitchen areas shall be used under the supervision of a nutritional services department employee.


    Legal Considerations
    The applicant shall be considered the legal agent of the organization and/or group and, as such, shall be responsible for compliance with all conditions identified in the request for community use of school facilities form. The applicant may not assign or transfer the approved request to another individual or group. By signing the request, the applicant agrees to indemnify (by current and adequate proof of insurance) the district for any damages occurring to the building, classroom furnishings and adjacent grounds during the periods such property is rented by the applicant. The applicant agrees to hold the district harmless from liability for any injury or accident arising during the course of the rental. The applicant shall also hold the district harmless for any damage or loss to the property of any person attending the sponsored rental activity.

    School Site Expectations, Rules, Supervision, Security Concerns
    For use of a facility at any district school or site, the applicant shall meet with the principal, or facility use coordinator, at the location of intended use at least two weeks prior to the date of use. This meeting will allow the applicant and district administrator to review all rules, protocols or practices unique to the school or site to be used. It also allows the administrator to meet the person(s) who will be using the building. Another important issue to be discussed at this meeting is the level of adult supervision to be provided by the applicant (where youth activities are involved). Finally, the expectations with respect to facility security will be discussed at this time.

    Equipment Needs
    Portable microphones, tables, chairs, and other equipment are available upon request. It is the applicant's responsibility to note these needs at the time the request is completed. Equipment may need to be set up and operated by district staff. Charges for this equipment will be included in the request for community use of school facilities form.

    Certificate of Insurance
    District insurance coverage does not extend to the conduct or liability of community or other groups utilizing district facilities. The district will require a current and adequate certificate of insurance before a request of community use of school facilities form can be approved.

    Approved User Identification
    The applicant will receive a copy of the approved facility use request by the facility use coordinator upon receipt of payment. This approved request will serve as a receipt and will identify him/her as a valid user. This approved request shall be presented to the designated staff member working the event upon arrival at the time of use. District staff is required to deny use to any party without an approved request for community use of school facilities.


    Individuals, groups or organizations applying for the use of school district facilities are subject to the following conditions and procedures:

    No individual and/or group will use district facilities (including district fields) without having a completed and approved request for community use of school facilities form. The facility use coordinator, building principal, and/or facilities services manager/director have the responsibility and authority to accept or deny a request.


    Reservations/Application Fees
    A request for community use of school facilities may be submitted up to one year in advance. These requests will be authorized only after all school events have been scheduled or by authorization of the building principal. The fees must be paid no less than two weeks prior to the event or it will be canceled. Cancellation retainers are outlined in the facility use guide.


    Adequate adult leadership and supervision shall be required at all times for activities in which minors are participating. Minors shall be supervised at all times and are to remain in the designated area. The appropriate adult/child ratio shall be discussed prior to approval of all requests. All activities shall be confined to rooms and quarters reserved for its use. This also includes the time before and after the event during which the youth are on school district property. Neither the applicant nor members of his/her group will be admitted to any district building without showing the request. Children will not be permitted in the building without a supervising adult.


    Religious Organizations
    School facilities shall be available for religious purposes. Special contract negotiations can be made for the continuous use of a facility by a religious organization to extend a contract one fiscal year per renewal period.


    Facility Use of Specialty Areas
    Requests to use specialty areas including computer labs, home economics rooms or other spaces with specialized equipment will be evaluated by the principal and facility use coordinator and approved by the facility use manager, if determined to be acceptable, arrangements may be made. Additional fees may be charged for specific equipment used. NOTE: A licensed staff member or technician is required to be present during the use of these areas to protect the district’s investments and facility usage members.


    Facility Use Outside Normal District Hours of Operation
    Facilities may be requested for use Monday through Friday as space is available and as such use does not interrupt or disturb regular school activities. Saturday and Sunday use of school facilities may be permitted and will be subject to staff availability. All facilities should be vacated no later than 9:00 p.m.


    SafetyAll applicable fire and safety laws/regulations governing use of school facilities must be observed at all times including:

    • Auditorium exit lights must be used.
    • Adequate lighting must be maintained.
    • Open flame (including candles) is prohibited.
    • Room capacity is not to exceed current fire occupancy guidelines.
    • Temporary electrical or mechanical modifications are prohibited unless approved by the facility use manager.
    • Stairways, corridors and entrance/exits must be kept free of obstruction at all times.
    • No equipment, scenery or decorations of any type shall be used within the building or on the premises except as specifically provided in the permit.

    Illegal and Prohibited Activities Alcohol and Drugs
    Use or possession of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs is prohibited. Failure to comply will be dealt with by local law enforcement agencies, and will result in revocation of the approved request and any future request for facility use.

    Tobacco Use
    Tobacco use is strictly prohibited in or on all school district property. Failure to comply may result in revocation of the approved request and any future requests.

    No deadly weapons of any kind, as defined by state statute, or anything that might be construed as a weapon, shall be allowed on school district property, except as authorized by law and with the express written permission of the superintendent.

    Games of chance and activities defined as gambling by state statutes are prohibited on district property.

    Behaviors including obscene language, quarreling, fighting or noncompliance with school district regulations are prohibited and may result in revocation of the approved request.

    Limited Use of Locations
    All requests will be issued for specific rooms or fields. It shall be the responsibility of the request holder to restrict the activities of the group to that specific area except for necessary hallways and restrooms. Failure to do so may result in revocation of the approved request.


    Furnishings, Equipment and Supplies
    District furnishings, equipment and supplies in areas to be used are not to be disturbed, consumed or moved.


    Advertisement Materials
    Posters, flyers or other advertising materials to be used to promote activities at district facilities are subject to approval by the communication and community resources department (800 S. Taft Avenue, Loveland).


    All groups will be charged personnel fees for after-hours use.

    Thompson School District Groups
    PTO/PTA, DAAC, GEMS, Boosters, Fundraisers, Student Council, School Sponsored Clubs


    Non-Profit Youth Groups
    Scouts, Competitive Sports Clubs, BYAA, Gold Crown, Clubs, Norco, Blaze, CYO

    Non-Profit Adult Groups
    Churches, Political Groups, HOAs, Service Groups, Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary

    Commercial Groups
    Dance Groups, Driving Schools, Cycle America, Senior Rings/Vendors, Senior Picture/Vendors, Pageants


    Single Bookings/Multiple Booking Payments
    Payments must be made in full at least two weeks prior to the event, after the request for community use of school facilities has been approved. Checks should be payable to Thompson School District R2-J and sent or delivered to: facility use coordinator, 255 South Cleveland Avenue, Loveland, CO 80537.

    Additional Costs
    Any additional costs incurred by the district due to facility use will be billed to the applicant. This will include any unforeseen additional custodial time, repair to any structural damages incurred or any missing/stolen equipment or supplies, or trash removal. It is the applicant's responsibility to be sure there are no substantial damages to school property prior to the actual use. If such damage is noted prior to facility use by the applicant, it should be brought to the attention of the designated supervisory staff in the building.

    Cancellation Retainers
    Cancellations received within two weeks prior to the scheduled event will result in 100% loss of facility usage fees. If a scheduled rental is canceled because of school district use or school closing, that day’s rental shall be refunded in full to the rental party. The amount refunded will be less any expenses incurred by the school district related to the proposed use.


    All fees associated with using a district facility (except for personnel and equipment fees) is divided among several departments to offset the costs associated with the rental. The distribution percentages of the revenue are as follows:

    1. The school where the event occurs generally receives 50% of the facility use fees collected and 100% of any school equipment fees collected.
    2. The general fund account from which public utilities are paid (i.e., electricity, water and natural gas) will be credited with 25% of all facility use fees collected district-wide.
    3. The general fund account which funds facility maintenance services and energy management activities will be credited with 10% of the facility use fees collected district-wide.
    4. The life cycle replacement account which funds replacement of capital equipment in schools will be credited with 10% of the facility use fees collected district-wide.
    5. The general custodial account which funds custodial disposal materials (such as paper towels, plastic garbage bags and cleaning chemicals) will be credited with 4% of the facility use fees collected district-wide.
    6. The general fund account which funds the programmatic costs necessary to sustain the facility use system at the district level (e.g., forms, guides, etc.) will receive 1% of the total facility use fees collected district-wide.
    7. Fees for designated personnel who work rental events will be accrued centrally to be dispersed to staff members who submit time sheets for special event work and to cover payroll-related costs such as benefits and workers' compensation.