Current Student Registration Information

  • My student is currently attending a school in the Thompson School District. Do I need to register them using the online link for next year?

    Yes, parents will have an opportunity to update their household information and student(s) health and permissions in the spring via your Parent Portal Account during our Annual Family Update window. Refer to directions below. 


    This yearly update is required for every student enrolled in the Thompson School District for the following school year. Parents/Guardians in the student’s primary household need to complete the application by reviewing and updating household, emergency contact, student's health information and permissions via the link. This information is used in the day to day operations of your child's school and is imperative that it is accurate.

    Accessing the Annual Family Update Link:

    1) Log in to your Parent Portal account at the website address listed below. (If you are not able to access your Portal account, email to request username and/or password. Please include your name and your student's name in the email. Note: The Annual Family Update Link is not available on the Mobile Portal App.)

    2) From your Portal homepage, click on "More". Then click on the Annual Family Update link to access the application. (You may need to disable pop-up blockers to allow the application to open.) The application is available to the parent/guardian of the primary household as set up in the system.

    Please see the links below for additional instructions and troubleshooting tips.


    My student is not currently attending a TSD school, but has in the past. How do I enroll them for the current school year?

    Click the New Students to TSD link as if you were registering with TSD for the first time so we can update your information.