• Dr. Stan Scheer

    The Office of the Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the global perspective of the District. With a priority focus on student achievement, financial and resource allocation, community partnerships and strategic plan goals, the office supervises all of the schools and programs, all District departments, and over 2000 employees.  Additionally, the office carries out Board of Education directives, implements and enforces Board Policies, and is the final administrative appeal for conflict resolution.

    Dr. Stan Scheer began his work as superintendent of Thompson School District in October 2012. He last served as superintendent of schools in Murrieta, California for seven years. Prior to that, he was superintendent of Littleton Public Schools in Littleton, Colorado and superintendent of the Ferguson-Florissant School District in St. Louis County, Missouri. Dr. Scheer has served in various assistant superintendent roles (curriculum and instruction, transportation and administrative services) for four different school districts and was also a teacher and elementary principal.


    Letter to the Community

    Dear Friends,

    Welcome to the Thompson School District.  

    Our community has entrusted its most valuable treasure – its children – into our care.  The responsibility to educate, mentor, and mold them into the next leaders of our society is huge.  There are often no easy answers to the many challenges that arise during the process.  It takes a special understanding to achieve those goals with integrity and kindness with the understanding that every student is important.  The employees of the Thompson School District have that unique gift.  We are proud of what we do and grateful for your support.

    During my time here at Thompson, I have marveled at a number of activities that are happening in our school district.  I have watched in awe as young students produce works of entertainment that are just as good as the professional pieces you can experience in New York and California.  I am moved by the teachers and administrators who give up their free time to tutor and assist students who need that special attention from a caring adult.  I am proud of the dedication and hard work of our transportation and facilities crews who arrive in the middle of the night – sometimes as early as midnight – to prepare our vehicles and buildings for business during times of inclement weather.  I am pleased to see the organizational efforts of students who work together to raise money to support a teacher who means the world to them.   When I visit our schools, I am impressed by all of the obvious talent and dedication to students that is evident in every classroom, hallway, media center, gymnasium, and lunchroom.
    Ultimately, that is what the Thompson School District is – a team.  It is a community team of parents, students, licensed professionals, administrators, support personnel and dedicated Board of Education members working together to achieve one common goal:  to do what we can to ensure that we best prepare the next generation to meet the challenges of a very complicated world.  It is a difficult yet noble cause.  It was well said on the cornerstone of a school building that “Public education is the defense of our Nation.”

    Thank you for your partnership and for being a part of this important team.  Let’s see what amazing things we can accomplish!

    Dr. Stan Scheer
    Superintendent of Schools