Please click on the link for your grade level Week at a Glance for Second Semester


    6th Grade:  Week 1  Week 2   Week 3

    Electives:  Week 1    Week 2   Week 3


    7th Grade:  Week 1  Week 2   Week 3

    Electives:  Week 1    Week 2   Week 3


    8th Grade:  Week 1  Week 2   Week 3

    Electives:  Week 1    Week 2   Week 3



    Google Hangout Meeting Norms

    Dragon Digital Online Expectations: 

    1) Participate: Students are expected to contribute positively to the conversations. Neither stalkers nor lurkers are allowed. A shared learning environment is only effective if everyone involved actually shares. Teachers offer these times to allow for conversation, collaboration, and questions.

    2) Help Others: The benefit of interactive education is that everyone can learn from each other. No one is an expert in all-things technology. 

    3) Respect Each Other and Diversity: This virtual classroom should be, without question, a safe space for EACH student and teacher.  Offensive language, cyber bullying, making fun of others, will not be tolerated.

    4) Emotions and Texting: social networking and text messaging may not be understood by all; please write out your thoughts in chats.

    5) Remember- you can’t Un-Send: Be mindful. Once you've hit the send button, you can’t take it back.

    6) Leave session at appropriate time: Students can go into sessions and out of sessions as they need to, but when the teacher announces the session is over students need to exit.