• Contact the Transportation Office or Dispatch by calling: 613-5185
      For updates on school closures, route delays or cancellations call 613-5192 (for a recorded message).
      Thompson School District provides transportation for Kindergarten through 10th graders residing beyond the walk distances of:
      • Elementary students who live over 1.5 miles from school
      • Middle school students who live over 2.5 miles from school
      • High school freshmen and sophomores who live over 3 miles from school

      Only one-way busing is provided for kindergarten students. High school juniors and seniors are transported only in hardship cases if space is available.

      Bus routes are arterialized and do not go into every subdivision or down every street. Where feasible, bus stops are located on main roads to reduce time and mileage it takes to run the route.

      Transportation currently serves 38 regular routes and 30 ESS/SPED routes.

      Video cameras may be used on school vehicles for the safety and security of students and staff.


      For information about the changes to the bus routes please contact the Transportation Department at 970-613-5185



      Visit Bus Routes to find your bus times and bus stop location.