Master Plan Committee

  • The Board of Education for the Thompson School District R2-J created a Master Plan Committee (MPC) in 1995. The charge of this group was, and still is, to provide an ongoing assessment of school facility conditions. An annual master plan is the result of this group's study and findings.
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    Looking For New Members

    Thompson School District is currently taking applications from those interested in being a part of the Master Plan Committee.

    If you are interested in being an official member of the Master Plan Committee:

    1. Click on the MPC Aplication Form link below
    2. Fill out the form 
    3. Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the form

    MPC Application Form

    New and current members of MPC will be contacted before the September 11, 2017 meeting.
    For more information on the TSD Master Plan Committee, please contact the district planning department at  613-5768 or email

Future Meetings

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