• 100 Mile


    Big T hosts the 100 Mile Club® September through May of the current school year. This program is designed to encourage kids to get outside and for physical fitness, away from electronic devices. Kids will have several opportunities to run in the mornings and at recess, plus fall and spring Fun Clubs after school.


    Students can also "Track Their Miles" at home throughout the year. Simply submit miles using the online form below. These extra miles are for outdoor activities such as, running, hiking, walking, swimming and participating in races. Things it does not include are sport games or fitness tracer steps.


    Join us for this fun way of staying active while making friends.

    There is a $10 or $15/year registration fee depending on which package you choose. These fees are to cover the cost of t-shirts, registration fees, and rewards. Fees can be truned in to the front office and checks should be made out to Big Thompson Elementary School, 100 Mile Cliub. Register online here



    Please contact Coach Lexy with any questions lexy.donnelly@thompsonschools.org


    For more information on the history of the 100 Mile Club please visit 100 Mile Club.com