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    November News:

    Coming up:  November 27-29-No School-Happy Thanksgiving!

    Reading/Writing:  We are in our 2nd unit (Module B) of Ready Gen and comparing two books: Money Matters! and I Wanna Iguana!   Money Matters! is a nonfiction book about value of money, bartering, and how we use credit and debit cards for purchasing.  I Wanna Iguana is a fiction book about a boy named Alex who tries to convince his mother to purchase an iguana for a pet.  The unit objective is to read, understand and write opinion pieces.

    Math:  We are continuing Math Expressions Unit 2:  Place value, ones, tens, hundreds, and money are our focus. We continue to practice word problems. It is important that your child know math facts through 20 within 5 seconds.  There was a money and time worksheet that was sent home for extra practice if you wish.  No need to return this worksheet back to school.

    Social Studies:  We're focusing on financial responsibility and choices people make.  We have discussed scarcity which is when something is in short supply or difficult to obtain.  We also learned the term opportunity cost.  Opportunity cost is when you make a decision between two things or events.  For example, I choose to buy a new bike instead of going to an amusement park.  Giving up the trip to the amusement park is the opportunity cost.

    Homework:  Students are expected to read 15 minutes each day and complete a reading calendar.  The Book-It Pizza Hut calendars are due at the end of each month through March. Please turn in October's calendar. November's calendar is due December 2.

    Math should be 5 minutes of math skill review.  This could include flashcards (math mountain cards), games, or XtraMath if you choose. 

    If you would like extra math homework worksheets for your child, please see the attached homework. If you choose to have your child complete these, please keep them at home.

    CAPS-(Child Assault Protective Skills) district wide program will be discussed in all second grade classrooms on November 5, 7, 12, and 14.  Mrs. Lisa Smith is the district CAPS facilitator and Presenter.  Please look for handouts each day for you to discuss safety strategies with your child.

    unit 3 math homework (optional)

    eGames for Math