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Spring Ka-Ching
 Attention all Bison!
For the month of April, Student Council is hosting a Spring Ka-Ching to raise money for the Engalaweni School in Malawi, Africa. Each teacher has a milk jug in their classroom to collect pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to raise money for resources that the school doesn't currently have. The principal of the Engalaweni School visited High Plains earlier this year and our Kindergartners and 7th Graders have become pen pals with some of their students throughout the year. What a great way for us to help support them after building a relationship with the this year! The final collection day is May 1st. Let's go Bison - bring in that change to make a change! 
Here is some information about Engalaweni School:
 Engalaweni School Children
Enagalweni School Classroom  
Engalaweni School Facts  
 Engalaweni School Eating Breakfast
The students having their meal for the day before school.