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Early Childhood/Preschool

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  • Open Enrollment for Kindergarten…

    The Kindergarten Open Enrollment Window for the Thompson School District is from November 28, 2016 – February 8, 2017. If you would like to open enroll into an elementary school outside of your student attendance area, you need to fill out a School of Choice Application. This can be found on the Thompson School District website. Go to the “Search” window and type in “Kindergarten Registration”. Go to the Kindergarten Registration page and go to Open Enrollment Process to find the instructions and application form.

    *You will not be able to access bus transportation for your student if he/she is open -enrolled into a school outside of your attendance area.

    Kindergarten Registration…

    You may register our child at any time into your home school. If you are requesting open enrollment, you must wait until your child is accepted to register.