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Department Staff Directory

Below are district department staff names, phone numbers and email addresses. Visit the Departments section of the website to view more information for each department.

The district's official mailing address for all department & program correspondence is listed below.

Thompson School District Administration Office
800 South Taft Avenue
Loveland CO 80537
Phone: 970-613-5000
Fax: 970-613-5095


Title Name 970 area code Email
Director Matthew Throop 613-5364
Secretary Allie Schetrom 613-5353
Accounting Susan Friede 613-5352
Department Secretary Danica Smeltzer 613-6581
Environmental Specialist Kristen Battige 613-5381
Facility Services Manager Brian Uhlenbrock 613-5359
Facility Use Coordinator Leah Howard 613-5351
Grounds Manager Trever Holoun 613-5374
Project Manager Zach Chambers 613-5382
Resource Manager Brett Dowgin 613-5380