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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thompson Online?


Thompson Online is an online program that offers an online education for students K-12 through the Thompson School District. Thompson Online is not a credit recovery program. Students attend classes through an online platform but maintain their connection to a brick and mortar school. A student accesses the curriculum and assignments 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. Online teachers and mentors interact with students through multiple venues creating a virtual learning environment as well as continue to implement blended learning opportunities for all students.


 Does Thompson Online provide state required assessments?


Thompson Online provides the support and communication for all students to take required state assessments at their home school.  This includes CMAS, PARCC and ACT assessments.  Students are informed of the assessment obligation prior to starting TOL.


 How does a student register for Thompson Online?


Thompson Online is an alternative learning option in Thompson School District; therefore, admission will be personalized.  If you are interested in Thompson Online please meet with your counselor and complete the paperwork, including all necessary signatures, and turn in to the Ferguson High School Registrar.   Once your paperwork is received, the Thompson Online staff will review it and schedule an interview and orientation.  The staff will meet with you to determine academic goals and to discuss successes and struggles to help determine the most effective educational pathway for you.

If you are not successful in Thompson Online, we will work with you to determine your next step, or other options. Or we will work to get you the help that you need. Our Success is Your Success!


 What is the registration window for TOL?


Thompson Online will offer open enrollment from August 15 - September 10 and December 10 - January 10.  During these times we will be accepting enrollment paperwork and scheduling the interview and orientation. Please contact TOL staff regarding special circumstances outside of open enrollment. We take students year round, but we try to stay in line with the semester schedules at the high schools.


 How do I know if Thompson Online is a good fit?


Thompson Online provides rigorous learning experiences in an environment that offers 24/7 learning. Online learning allows for students to customize learning times during the day to work around other time commitments such as jobs, extra-curricular activities, and learning preferences.   We offer a variety of options to create a personalized academic pathway for student success.


If a student has an IEP, a meeting is required to determine if the student's needs can be met through Thompson Online.


Does Thompson Online offer on site opportunities?


Face-to-face interactions are important in a student’s educational journey. TOL will offer two Learning Labs for students.  We will have a “quiet” lab where students can come in a work in a comfortable environment and receive support from our teachers.  

Both Labs will be open from 8:00am-3:30pm Monday-Friday

 What are the TOL Cohorts?


Every student is assigned to a TOL Advisory, or Cohort, that is managed by a TOL teacher. The Advisory Teacher is responsible for keeping track of the progress of the students in that class. The Advisor looks at Progress on a weekly basis.  The Advisory teacher will often be the person to call if a student is not doing well, or needs help. 


 What is the attendance policy for Thompson Online?


If you are a full time student, you are expected to work 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week.  This usually means you will be working on each class each day for at least 1 hour per day, depending on the number of classes you are enrolled in.  You may choose to work on one class each day for the entire 4-6 hours, or you may decide to work on 1 class every day until the entire scope and sequence is complete.  Students must show weekly progress according to each student’s schedule, or the student will need to meet to determine a more successful academic environment. 

 What curriculum will Thompson Online students use?


The curriculum for Thompson Online is rigorous and aligned with Thompson School District expectations and Colorado Department of Education Common Core Content Standards. Secondary course content is FuelED. Elementary course content is provided through, K12.

 For 2016-2017, the Classes are on Blackboard. For 2017-2018, the classes are upgrading to Brightspace, or D2L.


 What teachers will Thompson Online students have?


Online teachers are fully qualified Thompson School District teachers, who are available to help.


 How will Thompson Online students be progress monitored?


Thompson Online student progress will be monitored weekly. Thompson Online staff starts a relationship with students and parents prior to registration to help students become engaged learners.

Can a student attend Thompson Online half-time?


Half-time enrollment is possible. For example, a student could be enrolled in half of her classes with Thompson Online and half of her classes at an existing Thompson School District school or through home school status. A lot of TOL students are only taking 1- 2 classes online, while they take the rest of their classes at their home school.


 Can a Thompson Online student participate in extra-curricular activities?


Thompson Online students can participate in extra-curricular activities through Thompson Online, or through other Thompson schools if Thompson Online did not offer the specific extra-curricular activities. This is similar to how home-school students participate in extra-curricular activities. If extra-curricular activities require certain eligibility, the student would need to meet such eligibility requirements through his or her online course work.


 Are there fees associated with Thompson Online?

No, but students do need to have access to a computer, Microsoft Office, and an Internet connection. A student can work in our labs, but most students need some access at home as well. Some of our classes may require a novel, or a small cost for software, such as in our Game Design class.