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Danielle Feeney

Principal's Message

  • It is a great honor to lead the development of High Plains School. It is exciting to watch the progress of the construction and visit with the many community and school members who have brought this school to this point. In the coming months, as the building takes shape, so too will the culture and activities that will bring life to the building and make it a school.

    In my seventeen years of being an educator, this year will undoubtedly be the most exciting! Our hopes and dreams for High Plains School is that it first be a community that cares for one another and the environment in which they live. When we have empathy and care for others, we open a world of possibilities to ourselves and a commitment to things larger than any individual.

    Learning should ignite our passions and fill us with wanting more!  Another goal and hope for all children who join the High Plains community is that they see school as not a routine but an adventure and a pathway to greater things. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics but a STEAM education is more dynamic than the interplay between content. STEAM is Students and Teachers Engaging Active Minds. Learning should be engaging, fun, and active; our vision for learning at High Plains School.

    As we move towards the August 2016 opening, I look forward to the continued thoughtful and caring conversations with community members that will make High Plains School a place of learning, fun, and community. Together we will do great things!



    Danielle Feeney

    High Plains School Principal