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Volunteer with Early Childhood

Parent/Guardian Volunteers

Parent involvement is important to the success of the Early Childhood program and parents are expected to volunteer. Children receive the message that school is important and do better in school when parents are involved. Parents learn about their child's development and what they can do at home to promote their child's learning.

There are many ways parents can volunteer. Here are just a few:

  • Read one-on-one with children in the classroom
  • Make materials for the teacher (this can be done in your home!)
  • Plan a center event
  • Plant a garden
  • Help on field trips
  • Check out books to the children
Please contact the Family Service Provider at your center to make arrangements to volunteer.


Community Volunteers

Community volunteers add extra support for teachers and let the preschoolers know that folks in the community care about them. Teachers like to bring in the special talents of community members.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Read one-on-one with children in the classroom
  • Play an instrument or teach the children a song
  • Make materials for the teacher
  • Help out at lunch time, promoting conversation around the table
  • Help children learn English or Spanish
  • Help a teacher with a special project

Please contact Julie Lindsay, at 613-5053 if you would like to volunteer in the Early Childhood program.