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The CHOICE Award meeting is our way of recognizing students for their accomplishments and to build and strengthen our community.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us whether their child is getting an award or not.  Some parents attend even if their child isn’t able to make it.


The CHOICE Awards meeting is also our version of Teacher/Parent conferences.  Teachers are available to meet with parents from 5:30 – 6:00 in their classroom.  This is a great opportunity to meet the teachers, find out how your child is doing, and discuss achievements and concerns.  At 6:30 we gather in the Auditorium for the Awards portion of the evening.  We recognize 6 categories that correspond to our CHOICE behaviors.


At Ferguson High School we choose to engage in CHOICE behaviors:


Commit ~ Dedicated ~ asking good questions ~ eager to graduate ~ Commit to your learning today, tomorrow and for your life time! (CHOICE AWARD  - 95% or higher Attendance for the Hexter)


Hard Work ~ Being Positive ~ Quickly getting over setbacks ~ Focus on a Bright Future ~ Believing hard work pays off (CHOICE AWARD 3.5 GPA or higher)


Optimism ~ Persistence & Resilience ~ Finishing what you start ~ Sticking to something even when it is hard ~ Working with focus and purpose ~ Overcoming Obstacles

(CHOICE AWARD Optimist Award – Loveland Optimist Club breakfast)


Integrity ~ Demonstrates Self-Control ~ Regulating what one feels and does ~ being self-disciplined ~ Walking your talk ~ Standing up for Beliefs (assertively vs. aggressively)

(CHOICE AWARD - Integrity Award)


Courage ~ Willing to take healthy risks ~ persevering through difficult situations ~ admitting when you are wrong ~ asking for help ~ Have the courage to go above and beyond and attend school daily (CHOICE AWARD Pass All Classes)


Empathy ~ Empathy is our ability to understand and share the feelings of others ~ Respects Differences ~ Expresses Gratitude for Others & Opportunities ~ Resolves Differences Respectfully (CHOICE AWARD - Random Acts of Kindness)