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Kindergarten Parent Pacing Map (Math Expressions)

Kindergarten Math-Parent Pacing Map                                                                                                                      Thompson School District



Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4


Understand Numbers

One Through Ten

5 Groups in Numbers Six through Ten

Teen Numbers as Tens and Ones

Patterns, Problem Drawings, and Tens

Approx. Length of Unit

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

7 weeks

Unit Concepts/Big Ideas

*Counting & cardinality 1-5

*Adding, subtracting, and comparing through 5

*Show numbers 1-10

*Practice numbers 1-10

*5 groups in numbers 6-10

*Addition & subtraction stories

*Practice numbers 1-10, the addition pattern &  the subtraction pattern

*Partners of 5 & 6


*Tens in teen numbers

*Build teen numbers

*Story Problems and equations

*Practice with comparing

*Equations and teen numbers

*Equations for partners


Develop counting and cardinality skills for numbers 1-10. Introduction of adding & subtracting within 5. Identify basic shapes.

Continue study of numbers 1-10 building on knowledge of numbers 1-5. Learn and use attributes of shapes.

Develop counting and cardinality skills for numbers 11-20. Deepen understanding of addition & subtraction and develop conceptual subitizing and fluency within 5. Continue work with shapes. Subitize; to perceive at a glance the number of items in a group without counting.

Continue developing skills with addition & subtraction. Compose numbers within 10. Identify, describe, and name three-dimensional shapes.




Unit 5


Consolidation of Concepts

Approx. Length of Unit

8 weeks

Unit Concepts/Big Ideas

*More partners of 10

*Numbers 1-20

*More teen numbers and partners

*More story problems and equations


Deepen understanding of addition & subtraction, telling story problems, and representing them with drawings, expressions, and equations. Explore measureable attributes.

**For each unit you can expect your child to bring home data (parent report or the actual assessment) for at least 2 Common Formative Assessments and 1 End of Unit Assessment.