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Attendance at FHS  (from our Student Handbook, available under Resources and Documents)

Ferguson High School is a school of choice and you have been selected to attend.  Due to the length of our hexters, 28 days, it is important to attend school regularly.  Regular school attendance is important to academic development and successful completion of required Standards of Learning and end-of-course tests; therefore, excessive (more than 3 per hexter) absences from school and specific classes is detrimental.  Colorado laws requires that all persons who have not reached their 17th birthday must attend school in the city or county in which they reside.  Any student who accrues three absences to sign an attendance contract.  Parents will also be contacted at this point by the staff member(s).  A student will be referred to administrators if they violate the contract.  Violation of the attendance contract will result in a failing grade in the affected class(es) and withdrawal from the class and possible placement in an alternative program.

Being tardy to class three times constitutes an absence.

When extenuating circumstances exist, a parent/guardian should discuss extensive absences with the principal or his/her designee.  Students who miss ten (10) consecutive days during the school year are withdrawn from the school and considered a drop out.