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Cottonwood Plains Spirit Day Themes

Suggestions for participation in our spirit days:

School Colors
Show school spirit by wearing our school colors- black and teal- on days other than those designated with a special theme
Spirit Wear
Wear your favorite spirit wear clothing or grab a Schools on the Move or Panther Prowl t-shirt
Jog-a-thon Day
Panther Prowl jog-a-thon t-shirts are provided free to all of our students
Crazy Hair Day
Style your hair in crazy ways with spikes, pig tails or pony tail, colorfully dye, or add odd ornaments like rubber bands or hair clips, or wear a silly wig
Jersey Day
Grab a jersey from your favorite professional or college sports team, or a team you play for. T-shirts with a sports team logo works well also
Harvest Day
Wear clothes that you might see on a ranch, or that a cowboy or cowgirl might wear
Twin Day
Pick a friend and dress the same
Hat Day
Choose your favorite hat or a hat that is unique and wear it to school
Red & Green Day
The holidays are here. Wear red and green or clothes that have pictures or symbols of the holidays
Pajama Day
Stay in the pajamas you wore the night before and wear them to school. No slippers though. Students should wear regular shoes.
Stuffed Animal Day
Bring a stuffed animal to school to be your special guest
Wear Red for Valentine’s Day
Wear red in celebration of Valentine’s Day
Mismatch Day
Dress up in wild colors, mismatched shoes, different colored socks or different patterns (for example, stripes with polka dots, colors that clash, etc.)
Carnival Day
Wear clothes that match the theme of our school carnival. The theme will be announced as the carnival gets closer
Crazy Sock Day
Wear colorful socks on your feet, or decorate yourself using socks in creative ways
Tie Dye Day
Find your favorite piece of tie dyed clothing and wear it to school
Sunglasses Day
Wear sunglasses. If you don’t have any, ask to borrow a pair from friends or family members
Grade Level Colors Day
Grade levels have each been given a color to wear: Kindergarten (White), 1st Grade (Green), 2nd Grade (Blue), 3rd Grade (Red), 4th Grade (Purple), and 5th Grade (Orange)
Dress Wacky Day
Wear bright colors, turn your clothes backwards or inside out, or set a new trend. The key here is to be creative
Bubble Gum Day
Bubble gum will be provided for our students to chew during the day
Dress Up Day
Grab your best clothes and dress up. These would be clothes you would wear for a special occasion like a wedding, or clothes you might wear to church
Extra Recess Day
Your teacher will find a time to take you outside to enjoy an extra recess
Hawaiian Day
Wear a Hawaiian shirt, colorful clothes, or shirts with flowers or other pictures on them