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My name is Robin Keen. I am thrilled to be your child’s 1st grade teacher this school year. I consider being a part of your child’s learning team a great responsibility and an honor. I have a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis on   Multicultural Studies. I also have an AA in Women’s Studies. This is my third year of teaching. I’ve taught 5th grade and last year I came to Laurene Edmondson as the technology/mac lab teacher. My husband, Mike is an engineer for the state of Colorado. We have a 10-year old son, Michael that has attended Lauren Edmondson since Kindergarten. We love hiking, snow skiing (although I’m not very good at it) and bike riding together.

Each morning when the bell rings, the children should line up along the brick wall on the sidewalk outside our classroom door. Please make sure your child knows how he/she is getting home after school. At the end of the day, the students will come out the classroom door. For safety reasons if you (or anyone else) are picking up your child, please arrange to meet in front of the school. This will help me make sure all the children get on the correct bus or get picked up for the day.

We will be serving breakfast every morning in the classroom at the start of the day. Breakfast is free and optional. Only school provided breakfast is allowed in the classroom, no breakfast from home. I encourage children to bring a water bottle for water only. It is important that bottles have spill proof lids. Please, no twist off caps, we need to keep papers and books dry. We do have a drinking fountain for those without a water bottle.

I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or celebrations to share. The best way to communicate with me is by email, You can also call me at 970-613-6322 and leave a message, or a written note. Since we serve breakfast every day, I won’t have time to answer questions before school at the door. For urgent needs please contact the front desk at 970-613-6300. I will do my best to return emails and phone calls within 48 hours.   

I hope to see you and your family at Parent Information night, Thursday, September, 1st where more information on what you and your child can expect in our class this year will be provided. More information will be coming home soon on this school event.

Please feel free to participate in your child’s first grade year as much as you are able. Helping hands are welcome in our classroom. We will have many wonderful experiences to learn and grow in the year ahead.

Robin Keen