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School Advisory Committee

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

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SAC's responsibilities revolve only around the school improvement plan (SIP) as outlined in the school's site-based shared decision-making (SBDSM) model and derived from the district's strategic plan. The School Advisory Committee (SAC) is composed of staff and parents as determined by state law. SAC's role is to:


·         Observe mandated state law pertaining to school accountability.

·         Recruit and educate new membership and elect officers.

·         Create by-laws and adhere to them.

·         Assist in the development of the SUIP.

·         Align the SIP with the district's strategic plan.

·         Monitor the progress toward goals identified in the SIP including mid-year and end of year reports.

·         Initiate ongoing exchange of information with staff, DistrictAdvisory Committee (DAAC) and community.

·         Evaluate the SIP at the end of the year to determine the success of the plan.

·         Adjust and revise the SIP based on the changing needs of the student population as derived from testing/survey data.

·         Evaluate building budget to reflect the SIP goals.