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Welcome to
Thompson Online!

The K-12 Online Program for the Thompson School District

Welcome to a virtual learning experience where you personalize your learning. You have chosen to learn through an online environment. You know how you like to learn and having access to your learning tools 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere with an Internet connection meets your needs. You know you are responsible for your own success as you apply yourself to each subject and accomplish the learning objectives. If you need support, you know to contact your personal learning network of support through your teachers, your mentor, your family,and your friends both locally and globally. You know you are taking charge of the way you learn and creating success for your future!

About Thompson Online

Thompson Online is a program offering online education for students Kindergarten through 12th grade through the Thompson School District. Students attend classes as Thompson students through an online portal. Students access the curriculum and assignments 24 hours a day 7 days a week from anywhere with an Internet connection. Online teachers interact with students through multiple venues creating a virtual environment. Thompson Online staff monitor student progress and coordinate with the online teachers to support student success. The school follows the same high accreditation requirements, including TCAP assessments and Annual Yearly Progress expectations, as any other Thompson school. Thompson Online course content is reviewed and monitored through the Curriculum Improvement Council. Thompson Online students grow, learn, and earn credits toward graduation as a Thompson School District student.

Thompson Online is not an alternative high school nor is it a path to recovering lost credits. Thompson Online does have attendance policies (although the students don't sit in a classroom) and students are expected to meet the same state mandated attendance and assessment requirements. Online education is not for everyone. Students must be responsible, proactive, independent learners to be successful. Thompson Online provides the option for flexibility but requires progress to be made in all online courses. At the end of grade 12 in Thompson Online, students will graduate and earn a diploma from their home school.

Thompson Online provides Thompson School District Kindergarten through 12th grade students different enrollment options. Students can enroll as a full-time, half-time, or part-time student. Home school students or students not attending another public school, can enroll half time with Thompson Online in courses they may not otherwise take. Concurrently enrolled students will be assigned to one school for Colorado Department of Education reporting and the Per Pupil Revenue for concurrently enrolled students will be split between the two schools through internal processes. As Thompson Online grows, the Thompson School District is working towards additional blended learning options, combining the best of online and brick-and-mortar learning experiences.

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How To Apply 

Click here to get the required forms or you may go to Ferguson High School for enrollment paperwork.

Quick notes for understanding Thompson Online expectations for online success.

Thompson Online does not provide computers or internet access.

Students are evaluated for online success and are not automatically enrolled each semester. 

Registration Information

**Before registering for Thompson Online all students need to be enrolled at a Thompson School District school.**

If you are interested in attending Thompson Online please follow the directions below or give us a call for more information.

*High School students need to meet with their school counselor, fill out the Interest Form/Application, and attach a copy of their transcript. The form needs to be turned in at Ferguson High School and must include parent, principal, and counselor signature or it will not be accepted.

*Elementary/Middle School students should fill out the TOL Interest Form and get it signed by counselor/principal. The form needs to be turned in at Ferguson High School and must include parent and counselor signature or we will not accept it.
          Note - All elementary and middle school students/parents will need to have a meeting with our staff prior to being accepted in the online program. Full time online is not recommended and students should at least take electives at their brick and mortar school.

Note -  No enrollment is automatic.   Your enrollment, previous learning, and space availability will be reviewed prior to acceptance.  All students must attend an introduction to Thompson Online, an explanation of expectations particularly to attendance, and a navigation/orientation session. All students and parents will need to attend an orientation. We expect 5 hours per class each week. While this is an anytime, anywhere learning environment and students can certainly get ahead in a class, if they are not making progress and meeting our attendance expectations they will lose the opportunity to continue in our program. 

 Students who move schools in the middle of a semester, might not receive credit for work completed at their previous school; that is determined by the student's home school.  Most enrollment changes occur at semester.

You can download our Interest form by clicking TOL Application 
For more information :
Address:  1101 Hilltop Drive, Loveland, CO 80537
Phone:  970-613-5989 

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