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Open Enrollment Process

The following schools are closed for open enrollment:
  • Lucile Erwin Middle School
  • Loveland High School
There are three different open enrollment processes, based on your situation.
Please select the appropriate process from the descriptions below.

Immediate Process

This process is for:

~ Students new to the district, who desire attendance at a school other than their assigned school;
~ Students currently attending a district school who desire to switch schools.


Following Year

This is the process to follow if your child wishes to attend a different school than the assigned school NEXT YEAR. This is primarily for 5th and 8th graders who are transitioning to middle or high school, but is available to students in all grades.

Kindergarten Enrollment Process

This process is for children entering kindergarten next year, desiring to go to a school other than their assigned school.

Questions? Please contact us at (970) 613-5017


A link to the OPEN ENROLLMENT APPLICATION is located on the left side of this page.