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Safety and Your Child

Ø Talk with your child about safety.  Keeping the lines of communication open with your child is the most important factor in keeping your child safe.  Ask open-ended questions and use phrases such as “tell me more about-----“ and “what do you think about-----?

Ø Set clear rules and limits for your child.

Ø Recognize changes in your child’s normal behavior, which may be warning signs that something is wrong.

Encourage your child to report any suspicious or threatening activity.

Safety at School

Ø Familiarize yourself with the safety procedures and protocols at your child’s school.

Ø Talk with school officials if you suspect that your child is troubled by something or someone.

Ø Encourage your child to talk with teachers, school administrators, and police.

Ø Encourage your child to participate in school activities and athletics.

Ø Create a before and after school communication plan so you know where your child is.

Ø Be an involved parent – visit your school often, check homework, talk with teachers.

Maintain current contact information with the school.

Internet and Phone Safety

Ø Cyber security is increasingly a concern for the safety and wellbeing of children.  Talk with your child about exercising common sense when using the internet and cell phones.

Ø Supervise your child’s use of computers, tablets, cell phone calls and texting, and social media.

Ø Know your child’s passwords and check their electronic devices regularly.

Ø Use parental control for all internet and electronic communication.

Ø Instruct your child not to give out personal information.

Ø Child victimization over the internet is real! Report all suspicious activity to school administrators and police.

For additional information contact Jesse Lunsford, 613-5010

To report threatening or suspicious activity to police, call 667-2151