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Department Staff Directory

Below are district department staff names, phone numbers and email addresses. Visit the Departments section of the website to view more information for each department.

The district's official mailing address for all department & program correspondence is listed below.

Thompson School District Administration Office
800 South Taft Avenue
Loveland CO 80537
Phone: 970-613-5000
Fax: 970-613-5095

Superintendent of Schools

Title Name 970 area code Email
Superintendent Dr. Stan Scheer 613-5013
Executive Assistant Superintendent/BOE Wendy Kryah 613-5013

Business Services

Title Name 970 area code Email
Chief Financial Officer Gordon Jones 613-5051
Executive Administrative Assistant Tami Ripley 613-5051
Accounting Manager Luke Gonzales 613-5039
Grants/Payroll Manager Brenda McKee 613-5045

Communication & Community Resources

Title Name 970 area code Email
Public Information Officer Mike Hausmann 613-5011
Secretary Janet Trujillo 613-5015
Volunteer Program Lisa Wegener 613-5072

Early Childhood

Title Name 970 area code Email
Administrator Lamb Caro 613-5031
Department Secretary Sharon Johnson 613-5761
School Secretary Connie Trimble 613-5052
Child Find/Disabilities Coordinator Trish Hoffman 613-5762
CPP Coordinator Mary Buirgy 613-5656
Education Coordinator Trish Stanczyk 613-5078
Partnership Coordinator
Julie Lindsay 613-5053
Mental Health Coordinator Mary Bowman 613-6179
Nurse/Health Coordinator Christiana Shorten 613-5063
Social Worker Susan Bartlett 613-5763

Exceptional Student Services

Title Name 970 area code Email
Executive Director Charlie Carter 613-5092
Executive Administrative Assistant Sammi Burchfield 613-5026
Special Ed. Coordinator Jason Hanford 613-6071
Special Ed. Coordinator Bob Jantzen 613-5066
Special Ed. Coordinator Jodie Rommell 613-6881
ESS Coordinator Shelly Wall 613-7576

Human Resources

Title Name 970 area code Email
Chief Human Resource Officer Dr. Bill Siebers 613-5012
Human Resource Director Tom Texeira 613-5009
Executive Administrative Assistant Lisa Foxworth 613-5008
Benefits/Risk Manager Dorothy Barnhart 613-5006
Insurance Benefits Specialist Anne Hinkle 613-5004
Substitute Technician Erin Hannah 613-5005

Learning Services

Title Name 970 area code Email
Chief Academic Officer
Dr. Margaret Crespo 613-5059
Assessment Director Carmen Williams 613-6785
Elementary Education Director AnneMarie Sanchez 613-5025
Elementary Education Director Sara Rasmussen 613-5070
Elementary Education Secretary Theresa Morgan 613-5054
Secondary Education Director Jeri Crispe 613-6175
Secondary Education Secretary Vicki Gillis 613-5032
Athletics & Activities Coordinator Deb Huffsmith 613-5030
Homeless Liaison Jana Ramchander 613-6787
On-line Registration Secretary Anne Brunton 613-6877

Materials & Procurement

Title Name 970 area code Email
Materials & Procurement Manager Nick Wiesen 613-6888
Buyer Mary Jablonski 613-6874
Buyer Kim Myers 613-6875
Assistant Buyer Janine Waldrep 613-6876


Title Name 970 area code Email
Planning Manager Skip Armatoski 613-5017
Safe Routes to School Coordinator/Planning Technician Mechelle Martz-Mayfield 613-5768

Safety & Security

Title Name 970 area code Email
Safety & Security Manager Jesse Lunsford 613-5035
Communication/Security Systems Specialist Lenny Layman 613-5661
Locksmith Lance Mijares 613-6164
Systems Engineer Josh Coseo "Coz" 613-5789

Thompson Education Foundation

Title Name 970 area code Email
Executive Director
Thompson Education Foundation
Kim Akeley-Charron 613-5067
Secretary Debbie Wright 613-5071