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In order to take advantage of current technology trends, teachers at Lucile Erwin Middle School may allow students to use their personal electronic devices, such as iPods, iPads, readers, and cell phones, in classroom situations where those devices improve the learning environment. It is up to the individual teacher to decide when and how those devices are to be used. It is also up to the individual teacher to decide if devices will be collected during instructional periods of time, with students only retrieving them when instructed to do so, and/or at the end of the class period.

As with any use of electronics, if a student misuses the device, teachers will confiscate the device. For a first offense, a student will need to retrieve the device from the teacher at the end of the school day. For second offenses and beyond, parents will need to retrieve the device from the teacher. Misuse of personal electronic devices includes using it when not permitted to do so, and inappropriate use even when devices are allowed. During instructional periods of time, students may only use devices when teachers explicitly give directions to do so. Students are allowed to use devices at any time during passing periods and/or lunch. 

It is the student’s choice to bring personal electronic devices to school, and Lucile Erwin Middle School accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY should any of these devices be damaged, lost, or stolen.