• On August 9th, we have a Registration Day! If you are doing well, and want to return next year, show up on August 9th and get an early start! 

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Thompson Online Program

Thompson Online Program

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Thompson Online Program

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Welcome to
Thompson Online!

The Thompson Online Program offers a rigorous, complete, NCAA approved complete online education option for TSD K-12 students. We offer nearly all of Thompson School District's classes, plus electives the District does not have. We don't currently offer AP classes. Students have 24/7 access to their classes through an online platform and/or can come into the classroom for extra support. Students can participate as full-time, or part-time students; we typically have over 200 students throughout the District.   
Students must have access to technology; this means good internet service and a complete PC or Mac computer, with Office (we can help students get Office). A tablet, or phone, is not adequate. 
Online teachers interact with students through multiple venues, creating a virtual learning environment.
Students with IEPs, or 504s, will be required to meet with the TOL staff before being accepted. Not all students needs (for IEPs) can be met in our program. 
For further information see our Handbook, or contact us at 970-613-5989. 

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How To Apply 

Registration Information

All students need to be enrolled at a Thompson School District school before applying. 

Our Program and Courses are NCAA approved, and our classes are taught and monitored by fully certified teachers in the content area.  

If you are interested in attending Thompson Online please follow the directions below or give us a call for more information.

*High School students need to meet with their school counselor, fill out the Application. The form needs to be turned in at Ferguson High School and must include parent, principal, and counselor signature, or it will not be accepted. Students with IEPs need to have their Case Manager's signature also. 

*Elementary/Middle School students should fill out the TOL Interest Form and get it signed by counselor/principal. The form needs to be turned in at Ferguson High School and must include parent and counselor signature or we will not accept it.

All elementary and middle school students/parents will need to have a meeting with our staff prior to being accepted in the online program. Full time online is not recommended for Elementary and Middle School, and students should at least take electives at their brick and mortar school.

Note -  No enrollment is automatic.   Your enrollment, previous learning, and space availability will be reviewed prior to acceptance. All students must attend an introduction to Thompson Online, an explanation of expectations particularly to attendance, and an Orientation. All students and parents/guardians will need to attend an orientation. We expect 5 hours per class each week. While this is an anytime, anywhere learning environment and students can certainly get ahead in a class, if they are not making progress and meeting our attendance expectations, they may lose the opportunity to continue in our program. 

Students who move schools in the middle of a semester, might not receive credit for work completed at their previous school; that is determined by the student's home school.  Most enrollment changes occur at semester. Grades are due at the end of each semester for Thompson Online just like a normal campus. 

APPLICATION PROCESS (You should do this with your Counselor, but we can help. We have a Counselor  1 day/week):
APPLICATION (Required with signatures every year).                        Office/Word version of Application
Residency (Required every year)                                                           Office/Word version of Residency 
TOL High School Course Selection (Required if you are coming from a HS in our District)          Office/Word Version for HS 
TOL Elementary/MS Course Selection (Required if you are coming from a school in our District)              Office/Word Version for MS
Fueled Course Catalog: We have a number of Courses that our Software provider offers that we don't always deliver. If you see something in this catalog that you want, that is not on the selection list, it might be possible. Just ask.  

For more information :
Email:  thompsononline@thompsonschools.org
Address:  1101 Hilltop Drive, Loveland, CO 80537
Phone:  970-613-5989 

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